Establishing a strong brand to elevate a successful startup.


Fictionary is a productivity suite for writers and editors, designed specifically for users to effectively perform story edits - also known as structural edits.


The first web app of its kind, we were immediately impressed by the co-founders’ vision to fill a market niche not previously met. 

When we first started working with the Fictionary team, they had a solid MVP built with a loyal base of monthly subscribers. Having never previously made design a focus, they were ready to bring intention to their brand, marketing website, and web application experience.

Colour Palette

New Brand

The Fictionary brand is friendly, approachable, polished and professional all at once. A key component of the brand is its ability to properly convey the complexity and importance of the story editing process (big names in writing like JK Rowling have been very open in sharing their mountains of spreadsheets and documents for accomplishing a proper story edit) - and demonstrating how the web app enables both efficiency and thoroughness.

Our Role

  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Brand Messaging & Strategy
  • Brand Elements
  • Website Development
  • Web App Redesign

Tools & Technologies

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • WordPress
  • Angular

Icons & Illustrations

Without changing any major core functionality, the new website and web app reflect the new branding with colours and visual elements adapted from the brand. After completing the brand and site UI, our team created a components kit website for Fictionary’s app developers to easily re-skin the existing app.

Marketing Site

With the launch of the new product StoryCoach for the editor's audience, defined funnels become even more important for the new website’s information architecture. Clear paths for writers (separated into new and experienced writers) and editors with separate messaging and visuals is a key update to the new website design, along with an elevated brand experience:

Web App Re-Design

The new web app design reflects the new branding with colors and visual elements adapted from the brand. Our team created a components kit website for Fictionary’s app developers to easily reskin the existing app.


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