We understand your online store isn’t just a simple website; it’s your business.

E-commerce Process

CMS, POS, API’s… oh my! We’re here to help you lay the right foundation for your online shop.

Designing and building an online store that suits your business needs can be a challenging task. Have a large social media and online presence? Maybe WordPress and WooCommerce are a good choice. Looking to focus entirely on products first? Perhaps Shopify. Need to integrate with your payment process or POS system? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Discovery + Requirements

We’ll spend a few hours with your team to define all of your shop requirements early. From product variables and shipping requirements to add-ons and wholesale portals, we’ll document your needs and recommend the best and most effective way to build your new shop.

  • Discovery Sessions
  • Discovery Document
  • Site Map
  • E-commerce Requirements/Build Notes

UX (User Experience) + Interaction Design

This is the interesting part! We create interactive wireframes (blueprints) of your online store, then move onto designing the home page and cart pages followed by a final prototype for review.

  • Low-Fi Wireframes
  • High-Fi Desktop Designs
  • High-Fi Mobile Designs
  • Clickable Prototype

Development, QA + Launch

Now that we know what CMS, plugins, APIs and custom modules are needed for your shop, our development team will build everything out based on the approved designs. Once all the content is in place and we get approval, we’ll test and launch your new shop.

  • Frontend Development (PHP, React, Vue)
  • CMS Configuration & Customization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Launch!


We focus on tools that help us build creative sites that last.

We’ve spent a lot of time seeking out, testing and finding the most effective tools and technologies to design and build websites and online shops that work for your business.

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