Headless e-commerce, refreshed logo and a new children’s brand.


Helping Rug & Weave through a brand refresh, new logo and a complete website overhaul.


Rug & Weave began selling vintage and antique rugs locally and decided to bring a small curated collection online. Fast forward and they have grown the business into a successful home decor and finishings shop with a dedicated team behind the scenes helping bring their brand’s story come to life. Rug & Weave believes in keepsakes, heirlooms, and the stories and memories that can last for generations. Constantly sourcing beautiful yet functional pieces, they continue to be focused on curating artisan-made and locally sourced assortments of goods.

With their continued success and dedicated following (106,000 Instagram followers and growing!), it was time to launch a new children’s brand, Finnbird, redesign the website and build it on a platform that can help carry the brand well into the future.

Colour Palette

Rug & Weave brand refresh + Finnbird

With a brand new online shop about to launch with new visuals, colour palettes and photography, Rug & Weave wanted to refresh the brand without deviating too far from their original logo. With an established brand and loyal following, we were careful to maintain the subtleties of the original brand identity (sans serif fonts and circular icon). With a new custom typeface, a simplified logo and a new icon set to use across all platforms, the new brand identity launched with the new shop.

In addition to the primary brand, we also designed a logo and brand identity for Rug & Weave’s new children’s line, Finnbird. With the birth of their first son, Finn, Sarah (co-founder) was drawn to the process of creating beautiful, functional and calming spaces for him within their home. With Finn’s nickname being Finbird, it became a natural fit for the new line.

Our Role

  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Brand Elements & Guidelines
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development

Tools & Technologies

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Nuxt.js
  • Vue
Rug and Weave Brand Collage

Visual Identity

Rug and Weave Logo Band

With a focus on the future, it was time to move Rug & Weave’s online store out of the aging Shopify theme into a custom-designed and developed headless website. The frontend of the site is built in Nuxt.js and Vue.js connecting the content-heavy pages to WordPress and the online shop to Shopify, leveraging the best capabilities of both platforms.

Rug & Weave Full Screen Laptop

New Website Features

Rug & Weave wanted a new site built for speed, search and growth without compromising any details in the design. With this all in mind, we opted to build a headless site. We did complete user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) overhaul, designing the website from the ground up.

The frontend of the site is built in Nuxt.js and Vue.js, enabling us to ‘headlessly’ host this portion of the site on it’s own, speeding up the performance to help with Google search rankings. Keeping static pages up-to-date often warranted connecting all of the content-heavy pages to WordPress. With their existing catalogue already in Shopify, all shop, cart and checkout pages are connected to Shopify Plus.

Unified Content

All pages interact with each other for a unified customer experience. Finnbird also found its new home on the site as an embedded landing page tied seamlessly into the overall website and shop.

Technical Specifications

The main website is a combination of Nuxt.js and Vue.js hosted on Netlify. Marketing content is managed in and pulled from WordPress, while anything e-commerce related such as products, categories, and accounts is pulled from Shopify. The Nuxt.js cart system feeds into the Shopify checkout for a seamless experience. The site also uses Affiliatly for their affiliate program.

Rug and Weave Brand Examples

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